Suzette Richmond

 Creative Director / Drone Pilot / Total Super Hero   

I am Waikato born but raised in a military family, an ambiguous subculture blending service member and civilian lifestyle. I had constant relocations, forced road trips, and learned the art of making new friends fast. I gained knowledge and experience growing up living throughout New Zealand and travelling overseas, learning different ideologies and cultures, experiencing different foods, and different forms of art from a very young age. I learned history by living with people and near places where history was made. As a result, I developed intellectually and ideologically rounded views of the world.

As a model, I started with Wellington agency; Peacock Model Management doing commercial, catwalk and promotional modelling. I was a finalist in Miss Wellington, winning an entry into the Look of the Year contest and Miss Asia Pacific New Zealand competition. I was a successful contestant in the nationally televised Miss Universe New Zealand and Face of the Eighties contests becoming one of six finalists. I moved to Auckland and signed with the prestigious MBC Model Management and Promotions where I worked on several national and international commercial campaigns and was a catwalk model in the televised Benson & Hedges Fashion Awards.

I was raised to be independent, to work hard, and take opportunities even if it may not appear to be a chance for growth. The military is a culture that still has deep effects on my life. I got enough practice shaking hands and making small talk that by the time I made it to adulthood, networking was easy. I had learnt the value of connections, and because of the long-distance relationships growing up, keeping those networks was never a strain.

Later, I travelled internationally, modelling, working as a freelance writer and editor for various publications; I worked for TVNZ as an assistant producer, State Bank of New South Wales as a public relations officer and as a Producer for an award winning multi-media company.  

That well-ingrained work ethic learned as a child also translated to a Bachelor of Arts (University of Auckland), a Bachelor of Communications (Auckland University of Technology) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Victoria University.

My education, modelling, PR, production and business experience fit perfectly with Studio Lucé as partner and Creative Director.

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