Craig Richmond


I have dressed as a G ladiator, worn a Uniforn, jumped out of aircraft, and I own an authentic Kilt from Scotland. I traversed the world over, walked through the desert with my Friends, and have frequented Antarctica. I have adventured to many faraway places where the ground is so hot my boots have melted on the raod. But my best memories are from when I have photographed the true beauty nature has to offer, while experiencing many cultures, societies, and values. 

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in FIne Arts, I have created a lot of still and moving images for myself and clients. It is my life’s objective to be a creative and an innovative visual story teller. Each photo session undertaken is meticulously planned with attention to the finer details ensuring it is uniquely its own. I focus on all, where I place regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight that X-Factor of who they are. 

I believe deeply in teamwork, community, and collaboration. In case you are visiting from a non-profit, my goal is to support you via event sponsorship, consultation, and support. I have had the supreme pleasure contributing to our local and national programs and fundraising for smaller grass-roots organizations.

For photographic sessions where you feel celebrated, your products to hit the mark, or exibition images for your walls let's discuss what I can do for you.

Other than that, I know the first thing you will do is look at my photos! Go ahead, I’ll wait… 

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